Monday, February 16, 2009

Adrian's new lease on life.

Well, it's official, Adrian got the hydrophobia...sort of. I hired a little gypsy boy and his family to look after her until she had to be put down. I gave them a little extra to do that.
Hell, how was I to know that the boy couldn't aim for shit and ending up splitting her ribs, narrowly missing any vital organs. Well it all worked out for the best because as it turns out Adrian didn't have rabies at all but was re-diagnosed with a benign fatty tumor in her side that was easily removed. Lisa saved it in a jar but I was completely disgusted so she threw it away.

As for the gypsy boy and his family, they split for the coast after they found out about the diagnosis; I guess they were afraid I would sue, but I managed to get a local improv group to re-enact the entire incident for your viewing pleasure. so here it is:

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